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Where It Comes From

It’s important to us to not only know where you can go for a good meal but also where the ingredients come from, who’s producing it and what their practices are. Along with enjoying some great food from superior companies like Sysco which supplies the best in beef with Certified Angus Beef as well as food from many other Michigan food producers.  We visit the local farms as often as possible and try to get to know the farmers. Here’s a list of people and farms in Michigan where you may find local, natural and possibly free range items.

Free Range Cattle

Being that it’s important to us, it seems only fair that we pass the info along to you the Chefs as well as the at home cooks.


Michigan Grass Fed Beef Farm • Olivet, MI

Grass fed beef, also known as pasture-fed beef are all natural, even better than organic since they are pasture-fed and not grain fed.


Zingerman’s • Ann Arbor, MI

The Bakehouse is an energetic group of dedicated bakers and food lovers committed to making and selling the best-tasting, traditionally made breads and pastries that we can imagine.

Stone Circle Bakehouse • Holt, MI

In the European tradition of artisan breads all dough’s are gently mixed, slowly fermented, hand shaped and after a long cumulative process of up to thirthy hours, the loaves are baked on the deck of the wood fired oven. The result is a firm crusted loaf with a tender crumb. Ingredients are fresh without additives or preservatives and obtained locally if possible.


Zingerman’s • Ann Arbor, MI

The Candy Manufactory is one of the newest members of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. Although we’ve been making candy at Zingerman’s for several years, the Candy Manufactory became a reality in September, 2009.


Evergreen Lane • Fennville, MI

Evergreen Lane Farm raises La Mancha goats and makes organic cheeses from the milk of the goats in a creamery that’s also on the 40-acre Fennville property. The farm is owned by Tom and Cathy Halinski, who also grow organic apples.

Greenbush Farms Dolce Vita Goat Dairy •  Greenbush Township, MI

Greenbush farms believes in sustainable living and the ethical and humane treatment of animals which God so graciously provided for our needs..

Zingerman’s • Ann Arbor, MI

Dedicated to crafting handmade cheeses using traditional methods to both honor the rich tradition of the art of cheesemaking and create the most full-flavored products.


Carlson Farms • Decatur, MI



Evergreen Lane • Fennville, MI

Evergreen Lane Farm is a 40-acre farm owned by Tom and Cathy Halinski, who grow organic apples, raise La Mancha goats and make organic cheeses from the milk of the goats in their creamery.

J & S Farms • Scotts, MI



Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto • Fennville, MI

We earned our position as gelato industry leaders by working from the ground up with top chefs. In 1986, Pete Palazzolo won over Michigan restaurateurs with samples of his artisan gelato and sorbetto, made fresh to order in small batches from uncompromised ingredients.


Maple Syrup

Jack & Jill Maple Hill Farm • Paw Paw, MI
For 35 years, Jack and Jill Brown have made syrup with the help of their family.



Cedar Crest • New Era, MI
The mission and vision of Cedar Crest Dairy, Inc. is their commitment to provide to co-workers, customers, and suppliers the highest possible degree of honesty, integrity, service and quality.



Young Earth Farm • Decatur, MI
Over the past 40 years Young Earth Farms have noticed that the small family farms that once were part of every day life, are all but extinct. At Young Earth Farm, no animals are in confinement buildings. The hogs root and roll on the ground, the chickens are on fresh pasture, and the cattle have a field and woods to roam in.

Spartan Country Meats • Webberville, MI

This year we have expanded into raising rabbits and pigs!  Both Brad and Christine have raised rabbits and pigs in their youth and are really excited to bring our “All Natural” meat to you.  The rabbits will be processed in our licensed facility and the pigs will be transported to a USDA facility to be processed.



Carlson Farms • Decatur, MI

Otto’s Poultry • Middleville, MI
Otto’s provides farm-fresh, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken to Michiganders looking for quality meat. If you’re wanting fresh, quality, look no further.

Otto’s Turkey • Middleville, MI

While endeavoring to be good stewards of this land, have set about making turkey a healthy meat you can eat everyday, all year long.

Spartan Country Meats • Webberville, MI

We are both educated in this field with animal science degrees focusing on agribusiness management and food processing. We raise White Mountain Broiler chickens, Broad Breasted White turkeys and new this year rabbits.  Our meats would be considered “All Natural” we do not give them any hormones or antibiotics.  We also process our own animals in our licensed facility.


Spartan Country Meats Webberville, MI

We are both educated in this field with animal science degrees focusing on agribusiness management and food processing. We raise White Mountain Broiler chickens, Broad Breasted White turkeys and new this year rabbits.  Our meats would be considered “All Natural” we do not give them any hormones or antibiotics.  We also process our own animals in our licensed facility.

Vegetables and Greens

Avalon Farms • Mattanwan, MI
Avalon Farms Homegrown pride themselves in producing a variety of high quality vegetables in their market gardens. Their intent is to help Michigan families eat more of what Michigan farm families produce.

Blue Dog Greens • Bangor, MI
Nestled aside the Black River in Van Buren county is Blue Dog Greens Farm. Blue Dog Greens is a small-scale diversified mixed produce farm certified organic by Oregon Tilth. They grow a wide range of vegetables and fresh herbs all from seed they start on the farm.

Cbi’s Giving Tree Farm Lansing, MI

We are a certified organic farm. That means your food is safe and delicious. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers. Every input used on our farm is derived from nature and completely safe. The foundation of growing healthy food is the soil. We are careful to take care of our soil by using minimal tillage, rotations, and cover crops, returning nutrients that the vegetables have taken from it.

Deleo Farms • Bangor, MI

Eaters Guild • Bangor, MI

The Eaters Guild Farm has been a certified organic vegetable farm for ten years. The rich glacial soils and Lake Michigan microclimate support the long and
balanced growth needed for organic crop quality.

Evelyn Thomas • Decatur, MI

Green Garden • Battle Creek, MI

Started in 2008, Green Gardens is a diversified, 23-acre farm in Battle Creek, Michigan, producing vegetables, herbs, and flowers on 3.5 acres. The farm’s mission is to provide fresh, naturally-grown produce to the people of West Michigan at a fair price.

Foodshed Farmer  Lansing, MI

Our mission is to provide sustainably grown microgreens to local restaurants and consumers as a means of strengthening the local food system.

Jack Brown • Paw Paw, MI

J & S Farms • Scotts, MI

Kirklin Farms • Kalamazoo. MI
Kirklin Farms is a private company categorized under Pea and Bean Farms (Legumes).

Mud Lake Farms • Hudsonville, MI
Mud Lake offers a year-round CSA for salad crops grown in their biomass-heated hydroponic greenhouses. They grow many varieties of lettuce, including red and green varieties of leaf, butterhead, romaine, and batavia lettuces. They also grow arugula and watercress, as well as other herbs on a seasonal basis.

Owosso Organics • Owosso, MI

Owosso Organics is a family owned, certified organic vegetable and cut flower farm located 4 miles west of Owosso. We have been farming full time for over 10 years.

Scobey Farms • Wayland, MI

Who knew an ear of corn or fresh tomato could improve your health, your community and the environment, all at the same time? Buying local Scobey foods is a simple way to do all three.

Visser Farms • Zeeland, MI

Is a family farm that brings the freshest in-season produce and farm goods to area farmer’s markets throughout the week, every week.


Yes, we expect this list will grow to become pages for each catagory.  
We are looking for Michigan’s farms and businesses providing these products and doing it right.
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