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Michigan Brewing Co.

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A great micro with some amazing beer and food. Choose from one of two locations either in Webberville just off I-96 or in Lansing a few blocks from the State Capitol. Michigan Brewing Company or MBC was a big surprise for me.  The beer was better than I expected and the food well lets just say WOW!   This article has been completely modified.  My first experience was a total spur of the moment short business meeting and I had a great beer and shared the chips & salsa and the chicken tenders.  After that I knew I would be back soon.  So instead of going it alone I chose my wife and another couple we love to hang out with to give it a second unannounced test.  Which by the way is how we at Dine Michigan dot com like to work.  No special preperation for most meals just the real deal!

Lansing Microbrewery

The location we went to is at 402 S. Washington Ave. in Lansing.  The beer menu is fantastic, they have 14 main beers and Kid Rocks – Badass American Lager to please all pallets as well as seasonal beers.  I sampled several and it became very difficult to decide which I liked better so I chose to drink Kid Rocks – Badass American Lager and Michigan Nut Brown Ale .  A mild flavored beer with a deep brown color and almost no bitterness.  The caramel and roasted nut flavors together with a great aroma went down much smoother and quicker than I anticipated!  I’ve tried many different micro brewery beers and they have a great selection for any beer drinker.

Lansing Food

I title this Lansing food because I never thought of this place to go have lunch or dinner in Lansing. It just didn’t appear to be all that and  Boy was I wrong!  From my first experience here, I will tell you, the chicken tenders are to die for.  They are real hand cut chicken (no processed stuff) with a fantastic and surprisingly light batter.  The chips and salsa were above average as well, being of hand cut tortillas and their own fire roasted salsa.

Second trip. Yes, I started with the chips & salsa again and during our very short wait for our food enjoyed some of the complimentary peanuts as well. Our waitress, Dana, I believe it was, earned her tip with great service, a fun attitude and a super recommendation for me.  She told me to try the Waffle fries and the Turkey burger. I love a good turkey burger but almost never try them because they are so hard to get right.  Well, not only were the waffle fries done perfectly with a great seasoning but the burger is my new favorite turkey burger.  It was perfectly cooked with great flavor and a delicious bun.  One of my party tried the Buffalo chicken salad. I couldn’t wait to see how the tenders were this time. With buffalo seasoning this time and could they do them perfectly again and yes they did. However, more importantly, they offer this salad in a half order,  that is enough for most.  The salad was huge, Sarah said it was great and let me tell you it looked amazing.  The others tried the Hog’s Heaven, a pulled pork sandwich with cheddar on their choice of a pretzel bun and coleslaw and sweet potato fries as sides.  They loved their food and took home a doggie box as well, as the portions were great sizes.

One side note on the pork and much of the meat is that they use meat from Merindorf Meat’s.  If you have ever had anything from Merindorf you know they have great meat and that they are very knowledgeable butchers.

Finally, with over 65 different choices on the menu and more than enough great beers The Michigan Brewing Co. or MBC is more than worth the stop.  So whether in town on business, working here and haven’t discovered it yet or maybe checking out our historic and beautiful State Capitol a few blocks away, MBC is a great place to eat and drink!


402 South Washington Ave
Lansing, MI  48812
(517) 977-1349


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