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Is it fast?  Maybe, it’s slow?

What it’s not, is fast food.  You’ve eaten from the cart, wagon or truck vendor along the streets of a busy city or even at a local carnival.  Well, put that vision out of your head.  You are about to experience a trend where some of today’s finest chefs are leaving the brick and mortar to bring their diners a meal which tastes as good as a five star restaurant. These meals are often made from fresher and more natural ingredients and even at a better price.  The Purple Carrot, which is no different, opened for business in April of 2011 by owners Nina and Anthony. Since that time they are typically serving 100 to 150 people in the approximate two hours per day they are open.

The owners and chefs have worked in a couple of the finest restaurants in the country. Restaurants including Marigold Kitchen in Philladelphia and at the time a top ten restaurant, Citronelle in Washington D.C.  They are there for you almost every day.  Taking a few days here and there to do some catering which we hear is equally as amazing as the food we have eaten from their truck.  They intend to close the truck during the January and February months to return in March but not just to take time off.   The two of them intend to be traveling and expanding their craft in Italy!   Yes, we will be back in March and can’t wait to try some of the new creations to come from that trip. So how do you find this moving gourmet kitchen? Facebook.  If you have not yet LIKED the Purple Carrot page then click here.  You will find not just where they are each day but also the daily menu.

Gourmet Mobile Food

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We suggest you start with a bowl of soup or a snack.  On our most recent trip to the Purple Carrot we had the Parsnip Frizzles.  Sounds and maybe looks crazy to you?  Don’t judge this delicacy till you’ve tried it. One of our writers was reminded of an old snack food commercial as he ate them.  ”You can’t eat just one.”  These Michigan parsnip shavings are deep fried then sprinkled with powered sugar, shaved bitter cocoa and a touch of salt for a mouth watering experience that will keep you grabbing for more.  As for soups they often have some incredibly unique soups with flavors you will enjoy till it’s gone and still want more as your tastebuds are still trying to figure out the delectable confusion of flavors not before experienced.  The soup pictured above is the Titus Squash Blossom.  Using more than 150 squash blossoms with freshly made zucchini noodles, fresh corn, dolce vita chevre and a red pepper confit (pronounced con-fee) was simply Mmmm Mmmm!



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We have tried many, many things and have enjoyed them all. However, the MI Salmon Roll was one of the best.  You say you are not a big fish fan?  TRY it!  This fresh caught Lake Michigan Salmon is properly cooked leaving an amazing mild flavor. Putting it on a locally baked roll with fresh corn, tomatoes and so much more is so good.  They added a side of their Indian Summer Salad which starts with a baby lettuce mix, next add some Honey Crisp apple toothpick sized slivers, Green Bush Feta, a pear vinaigrette and the surprise ingredient to us which took it over the top, small watermelon balls. Now you have a great sandwich and a great complimenting side salad.

The food truck Purple Carrot sammy's

Another Sammy, as they call them, which we really enjoyed is the Crispy Spartan Country Chicken. This Chicken breast sandwich is encrusted with a delicious coating of ingredients like almonds, sugar, sesame seeds and more. Then, a bacon jam is added to make another great sandwich.

A Finishing Snack

Cake pops!  If you have not had their cake pops then we STRONGLY suggest you find The Purple Carrot Truck for these if for no other reason.  The three pictured below are a Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter and the third and most amazing was the Octoberfest.  The Octoberfest is a butternut squash cake dipped in chocolate and it was a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Lansing MI cake pops to die for!

Finally, here is a paragraph from the menu of the Purple Carrot…

“We believe the best food starts with the highest quality ingredients. That is why the Purple Carrot’s menus feature almost exclusivly Michigan products. We have found the best Michigan has to offer to deliver to you an unforgettably dining experience time after time. Our menus change with the seasons, so come back often for the most recent local harvests!”


The Purple Carrot


found around Lansing and East Lansing and often at
1223 Turner Street, Lansing     or     4660 S. Hagadorn Road, East Lansing



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