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Xiao, pronounced “she-ow” or almost like “chow” as we were told by owner, is a gem of a Chinese restaurant and yes, lounge.  Hidden in plain sight, in a newer strip mall on the North side of Saginaw Street just east of 127 is East Lansing’s newest restaurant and lounge. The atmosphere is elegant, sporty and classy. The design carries a crisp and warm oldworld style with a large statue of  Buddha and the seating of your choice from tables and large comfortable booths to stools at the bar or the relaxing comfort of the VIP section, they even offer patio seating as climate allows.

We have had several writers dine here and some of us have had multiple experiences at Xiao.   The question is, can this new place that looks small from the outside really be this good.  The answer is, whether you choose to sit inside or take-out and have a Chinese dish or sushi, we simply answer, YES!

nice Chinese restaurant in East Lansing East Lansing's best Chinese restaurant

Liqueur, beer and mixed drinks

The Michigan beers on the menu were a great thing to see, but whatever your drink is they have it.  Even offering  a great  Chinese beer.  Whether you are here for a Chinese meal or Sushi, after you are served your beverage of choice we recommend trying some of the appetizers. These are great!  Here is a list of what we have tried from their Appetizer Menu and they are all amazing: The Summer Rolls, The Peking Duck Sliders, The Philly Egg Roll, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, The Pot Sticker and the whole lump crab in the Crab Rangoons.  The owner shared that their speciality is The Philly Egg Roll-an American twist on a Chinese favorite.  But which ever you choose you will not be disappointed.

The Entree Menu is classic and done right.  As you may know, if we don’t like something at or about a restaurant Dine Michigan doesn’t talk about it.  We don’t believe in wasting time being negative. The problem here is we had too much to talk about as we loved it all.  From the kick in the Original General Tso’s Chicken to the simple sweet taste of the Traditional Sweet and Sour Chicken all the way to the fresh snap of the broccoli in the Classic Broccoli Beef the entrees are all delicious!

Chinese food at its best

Next, we dove in with a small salad and soup.  The salad is very good with a house-made dressing you will enjoy.  You may also choose the soup which was the choice of the youngsters in our party.  The tofu was done perfectly with a great broth base, green onions and other seasonings making the soup different that the usual hot sour or egg drop of  most Chinese restaurants.

East Lansing Sushi and Chinese restaurant

The sushi is for everyone regardless of your tastes.  With more than 25 possibilities on the sushi menu they have what you are looking for.  On our last trip to Xiao we enjoyed a boatload of four different types.  The simple tuna roll was a great start for us.  We then tried the Chicken Teriyaki. With it’s sweet sauce it was a favorite of two of the three girls aged 6 and 9. From there I enjoyed the Happy Buddha.  This assorted vegetable roll with Kampyo and fried tofu was delicious.  We finished our sushi with the favorite of Sarah and our 7 year old, the Black Belt. The Black Belt is a seared beef roll with a sweet sauce.  The beef and the sweet sauce are great together but, add the vegetables with the kick of the jalapeno and wow!  So, from traditional to the teriyaki chicken or seared beef,  Xiao does sushi amazingly well.


There we said it…we loved the atmosphere, the service, the bar, the use of the big screen for sports and most of all the food.  Xiao is a great addition to the Lansing area and if you haven’t tried it yet –it’s a must.


3415 East Saginaw Street
Lansing, Michigan 48912
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Lansing, MI Michigan Chinese restaurant dining food


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About Dave C

Dave comes from the Farwell area originally and does many of our breweries. Dave loves sports and day trips. You will often find him dining with his wife or with one of his good friends at a local brewery.

  • ale

    My family and I went to Xiao Restaurant the other evening for Dinner and it was DELICIOUS. I had the Salmon and my husband had the General Chicken with brown grain rice. My salmon was cooked perfectly and the sauce was FANTASTIC and my husband said the chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the
    inside (PEFECTION ) and it came with brown rice which is more healthy and nutritious. They also had kids meal, so my son had the sweet and sour chicken and he ate almost all of it (big portion). I liked the idea that they put some oranges and pineapples with his dish, that way he can eat some healthy fruit. The atmosphere was very relaxing, and service was great. I give XIAO an A+++ … We definitely will be back for more.

  • Bernie B

    I’ve been to Xiao a number of times and it gets better every visit. Their house dressing is peanut based and super tasty. I was skeptical of a Chinese restaurant offering Sushi, however Chef Danny rocks it out and does a fabulous job. Xiao has some new menu items that may not yet be on the menu (photos on their Facebook page), I stopped in last week and had the Pho which is like a Vietnamese Udon Soup. Fantastic!

    We’re lucky to have such a great Chinese Fusion restaurant in this area which cuts down on having to drive all the way to Okemos or attempting to find parking around campus.


    Disclaimer: I do have a friend employed at Xiao, however any praise or critique has nothing to do with his efforts or service.

    • Steven O

      Thanks for the disclaimer at the bottom. We have removed comments for that reason. However, we agree with your comment. Xiao is a great restaurant offering a great mix and it is all done well. We don’t know which friend works there but we must say the staff is doing a great job as well and we have enjoyed them all on our numerous visits.