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Upon a recent visit to Uncle John’s Cider Mill we happened upon a small food wagon containing one of our BIG favorites.  Now it is true, Michigan is not known for their beef brisket. So, after being introduced to this tender smoked meat in the Lone Star State we really fell in love with it and have been experiencing withdrawl symptoms since our return to the Great Lakes State.  Until now…

King of the Grill not only has their seasonal food wagon at Uncle Johns’s but also has a year-round restaurant in Lansing near the Capital City Airport with a full menu. We have taken several opportunities since our first encounter to enjoy this succulent meat.  While many Texans smoke with oak or mesquite, Fred Mendoza uses apple wood.   He uses a MSG-free spice rub to season his beef and slow cooks his brisket for about 12 hours.   We are smitten with the beef brisket but King of the Grill boasts a plethora of smoked meats. You can choose from the beef brisket, beef flank steak, chopped beef brisket, pit boneless ham, pork country style ribs (boneless), pork loin (boneless), pork shoulder, pork spare ribs, turkey breast (boneless) and chicken salad.

Barbecue Done Right in Lansing

BBQ Lansing, MI Michigan Barbecue

 Lansing, MI Michigan's Best Barbecue

We have tried King of the Grill’s sandwich with smoked pork and smoked brisket.  Both were hearty portions piled between a fresh bun.  We chose to add some of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce to add a sweet and slightly spicy kick to this already amazing flavor. They also offer Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic sauce for a more tangy sauce. Definitely finger-licking good. You may also select a loaded baked potato with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese and top it with your favorite smoked meat.  Drizzle with a healthy dose of Sweet Baby Ray’s and you have just turned your potato into an amazingly delicious meal.    The Dinner Plate comes your choice of one, two or three meats, two sides and choice of bread.  The sides are almost as plentiful as their smoked meats.  All the sides are homemade and include potato salad, cole slaw, BBQ baked beans, Spanish rice, baked mac & cheese or chips.  The cole slaw is fresh and creamy, the BBQ baked beans were hardy with a touch of green onion, and the baked mac & cheese was, in the words of one of our writers, just like the real from scratch macaroni and cheese my mom would make.

Pulled pork how to video Lansing MI

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For any of you salad lovers, King of the Grill offers a garden salad which you may also top with your choice meat.  And what BBQ would be complete without a hot dog or brat.  The Lone Star goodness doesn’t end with the smoked meat…if you happen to have a bit of room left over for something sweet give their Texas Sheet Cake, Banana Pudding, Mini Pecan Pie or Chocolate Chip Cookies a try.

Michigan capitol city desserts and food

Vegetarians Beware

This place was not built for you however, they do offer salads, baked potatoes and some sides you will love as long as you are not worried about being converted by the smell of delicious meats! For all of you who enjoy a slow cooked, full flavored, melt in your mouth tender meat you need to visit Fred Mendoza for he truely is the KING OF THE GRILL!

King of the Grill

4400 N. Grand River Avenue, Lansing, MI 


Upper Peninsula Michigan MI




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