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The English Inn Restaurant and Pub

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Eatin’ in Eaton Rapids

Start driving NOW, 15 miles south west of Lansing you’ll find a quaint little town called Eaton Rapids.  Located along the banks of the Grand River on the Northern edge of Eaton Rapids, The English Inn Restaurant and Pub is also a beautiful bed and breakfast perfect for a romantic getaway, or even an ideal location for a wedding and reception in their Medovue Hall.

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The English Inn, originally a Tudor style home built for Lansing auto baron Irving Reuter, was purchased in 1996 by Gary and Donna Nelson who have been running it ever since.  It is clear, that they take much pride in every aspect of the English Inn, from the unique rooms they offer for overnight guests, to the restaurant and pub, and the beautiful gardens surrounding the inn.  Utterly unique would be a great way to describe the English Inn.

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Whether you want to dine next to the fire in the winter, or sit on the patio overlooking the gardens and Grand River in summer, the English Inn has something to offer everyone who comes.  Come as you are.  You’ll feel as comfortable in a suit and tie as you will in jeans and a polo shirt.

Appetizers and Drinks

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We could have eaten appetizers all night and been just fine!  We began with Escargot. Helix Snails bathed in herb butter and garlic sauce and topped with fresh lemon juice went down smooth.  Next, we had the Duck Sausage.  The Duck Sausage was slightly sweet, and was surrounded by an incredible flaky pastry.  It was accompanied by a homemade pear-bacon-walnut jam that I would have bought a jar of, had it been for sale.  Finally, we had my favorite – Mushroom Caps.  They were huge mushroom caps, filled with bacon, Swiss cheese, baby spinach and onion.  I love mushrooms, and these were some of the best I’ve ever had!

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They of course have an extensive wine list to accompany appetizers and dinner, along with cocktails and several of Michigan’s finest local brews.

An  English Salad

The House Salad hit the spot with fresh greens and a fantastic light, slightly sweet balsamic dressing, topped with minced olives and candied walnuts, creating the perfect marriage of sweet and salty on a salad.  Served alongside the salad, a slice of bread topped with a blend of cream cheese and goat cheese was melt-in-your-mouth creamy and delicious.

Can You Say Beef?

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You can pigeon hole me as a red blooded American male if you like – but I love beef!…especially tender, melt in your mouth, slightly crispy on the outside, make me close my eyes and savor it beef!   We tried the Classic Filet Mignon, and I can’t say enough about it.  It was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had.  It was drizzled in a perfectly flavored red wine demi glace, and accompanied by whipped garlic potatoes and crunchy green beans you only wish you could grow in your own garden.  It lived up to its name – it was a classic!  Next we tried the Rack of Lamb.  This lamb was grilled to perfection. It had a mint, pesto and blackberry coulis (a thick sauce made from puréed and strained vegetables or fruits) which was the perfect compliment.  Again, the whipped potatoes and green beans that came with it were wonderful.  Lobster Stuffed Walleye came next.  If you like fish, this is the dish for you!  Walleye is a mild fish, and when it’s stuffed with lobster mousse and drizzled with lobster cream on top of a bed of risotto, you can’t go wrong!  Last – but certainly not least – we tried the Duck Cassoulet ( the term “cassoulet” is often applied to any hearty bean-based casserole) !  This dish is one of chef John Bastianellis specialties.  It’s a bit of a “Southern French comfort food”.  It was tender and moist with a hint of bacon flavor.  Northern beans and carrots were on the side.  All the entrée’s we tried were phenomenal!  Pick one – you’ll love it.

The Finale

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I didn’t think I had room for more food – but I’m sure glad I found it.  All the desserts at the English Inn are prepared on site by Carolyn Carpenter.  Her attention to detail and presentation, coupled with the incredible flavor combinations found in her desserts was fantastic.  Three of the regularly featured desserts at the English Inn are gluten-free, but that doesn’t mean they’re taste free!  Whether you have the Crème Brule, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake, or my personal favorite, the White Chocolate Mango Mousse, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t Miss it

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, going on a date, grabbing dinner in the pub after work, or even getting married, the English Inn won’t disappoint you!  Gary and Donna Nelson, along with son Erik who manages the restaurant have done a great job, and they know how to treat you right!

The English Inn Restaurant and Pub

677 South Michigan Road,  Eaton Rapids
(517) 663-2500




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